EkDesh Org

Welcome to EkDesh.org, connecting Bangladeshis one at a time. Ek Desh aims to bring together the Bangladeshi community in the Washington, DC area including Virginia and Maryland. This site is dedicated to providing services for Bengalis already living in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area as well as helping to assimilate members of the community who are new to the States from Bangladesh.

EkDesh.org has variety of sources that allow all the members of the Bangladeshi community to come together and be a voice of one another. It starts with events where you can find all the local activities and festivals that are posted by fellow Bengalis, like yourself, to let you see the local happenings in the Bengali community. We encourage you to post events such as festivals, melas, birthday parties, weddings, religious occasions, cultural celebrations, sporting events and more.

It doesn’t just end with events; Ek Desh also provides current information about jobs that are available in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. This section provides helpful information to our Bangladeshi community by allowing them to search, view and post job positions that are being offered by someone they know or by the company they are working for. For example, if the company you work for is hiring, you can post that job position and company information on EkDesh.org. This allows members of the Bengali community to view and be aware of this position and apply for it. This is especially helpful to the new Bengali immigrants in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area and will help them to simplify their job search.

Another part of EkDesh.org that makes us such a valuable tool is our business listing section. This section provides helpful information, news, ideas, and broadcasts on businesses that are owned and/or managed by Bangladeshis. Our business listing section strives to help and advocate businesses owned and managed by Bengalis and lets them publicize it to the Bangladeshi community. This is also helpful to members of the Bengali community that are a part of non-profit organizations by letting them promote it here on EkDesh.org. For example, whether you are a loan officer, accountant, doctor, lawyer, or broker, you can post it to EkDesh.org for other Bengalis to find your business.

Ek Desh is here to assist and accommodate the Bangladeshi community in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area including Baltimore. We are here to help and guide Bengalis to come together and be connected to one another.