Looking for Bangladeshi’s in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to apply within your company? Seeking a job in the Bangladeshi community? Look no further – post here!

EkDesh.org helps provide job related information to the Bangladeshi community to help and guide them in their job search. Our main goal here is to bring all the members in the community together and help one another further their career. If you own a business or work in a company that might be hiring, you can post that position here on EkDesh.org where other Bengali community members can view and apply for that job. We want to simplify the job search and provide a place for Bangladeshis to post and search for jobs in their community.

This is especially helpful to the Bengalis that are new to the States from Bangladesh or new to the metropolitan area and this can be a guide for them to get started on their career paths and gain information of the type of jobs that are out there. If you are hiring or know of someone who is, please post it here on EkDesh.org to provide job opportunities for new Bengalis as well as the all the other members of the Bengali community.

For general questions, please visit the FAQ page.

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